Solar Light Tower Rental

Solar Light TowerAAA is now offering portable lighting. These quiet, solar powered, LED towers can offer significant savings over the combined rental and operating costs of diesel powered units.

  • No fuel charges or fumes created
  • Silent
  • Zero run-time charges
  • No daily labor cost to turn units on or off
  • High output LEDs with adjustable ambient light level
  • Courtesy Outlets
  • Over 40 hours of continual run time on a full solar charge.
  • Safe for use in windy conditions.
  • Green. Using these towers is the equivalent of taking 7 cars off the road for a year verses a diesel light tower.

If you are in need of temporary area lighting for a construction site, an event, night time operation or an emergency, these light towers are now available for rent through AAA Porta Serve.

Pricing: $100/ day, $450/ week, $900/ 28 day