Facts and Information

What you need to know about renting portable sanitation

PDFDon’t take our word for it. Download this informative handout from the Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI.) It covers the fundamentals, tells you what questions to ask and what answers you need to provide when renting portable toilets.



No 9-1-1 address? No problem!

Lat and LongIf the address of your home, business, job site or event does not normally show up on GPS devices, you may be worried about telling us where to find you. No problem. The folks at LatLong.net have made it easy for you find your exact latitude and longitude, based on minimal information. With that, we can find you. Try it for yourself.

Sanitation is a basic human right

TED TalksFrancis de los Reyes works with cutting-edge microbiological techniques in environmental biotech. But his passion, both professionally and personally, is helping to improve the plight of the world’s 2.5 billion people living without adequate sanitation. This talk might contain much more than you’d ever want to know about the way the world poops. But as sanitation activist (and TED Fellow) Francis de los Reyes asks — doesn’t everyone deserve a safe place to go? Watch now.

AAA Porta Serve is hiring

PDFWe need qualified drivers and technicians. No prior experience in sanitation needed. This is a great job for veterans. Download and review the complete job description. Then, if you think you have what we need, give us a call.